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No matter your injury, Core Focus offers the latest rehab therapies and immediate results.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

ICBC approved vendor with direct billing

Chronic Pain Management

Restore function and increase range of motion

Prevention & Management

Build core strength and total body wellness

Sports Injuries

Personalized exercise plans can help isolate the root of your pain

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Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm passionate about improving the lives of others by eliminating pain and improving range of motion so they can get back to living an active and pain free life.

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Core Focus is all about offering the latest rehab therapies and getting immediate results for your injuries and chronic pain.

Injury Analysis

Isolate root cause of pain. Design the most time & cost effective treatment plan.

Core Focus

Strengthen core muscles to support spine, breathing, balance and stability.


Custom workout programs that fit your unique lifestyle while meeting personal goals.

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Our virtual Core Focus Training Method© course is coming early 2022! We're excited to help you can reduce your pain and get your body moving all in the comfort of your own home. Sign up today to get access to early bird pricing, plus lots of free bonus videos to kick start your recovery.

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