Who is Core Focus Training?

Core Focus is a Canadian-based unconventional group training that is personalized consisting of multi-joint exercises that encourages moving with your core. Taking the 10 week Core Focus Challenge will take commitment, accountability, and hard work and will guarantee results.

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Core Focus Training offers several personal training options in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland. Personal Training sessions can also be covered with your health insurance. Please inquire for more information.


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On the Go?

Are you always on the go and can’t seem to find time to hit the gym? Too busy to work out? Do you want to lose weight but don’t know where or how to start? Do you want to maintain your weight but tone up a bit (or a LOT)? Are you bored at the gym and are looking for other ways to make exercise fun? Have you been to an accident and in need of therapy or rehab? Are you looking for personal training that is covered by your insurance? You’ve come to the right place! Core Focus Training can help you!

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You’ve come to the right place! Core Focus Training can help you!

One option we encourage people who are too busy is the Take Home Program in order to get them started with being active. This is also recommended to people who are independent.

Trainings are by appointment only. Please contact us to set up an appointment. Sorry no drop ins unless otherwise advised.